MessagEase, the smart choice for your touch screen device

What Is MessagEase?

MessagEase is an innovative keyboard especially designed for touch screen devices. Unlike the QWERTY keyboard, which was made for ten fingers, MessagEase is optimized for one or two fingers.

MessagEase has fewer, larger keys, and a novel letter assignment, making texting faster and more accurate.

A few minutes that you'll spend learning this new way of typing will save you hours of agony. We have also created MessagEase Game to help you learn MessagEase in a fun and entertaining way.

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How Did We Design It?

We designed MessagEase—using Fitts' Law, letter frequency tables and di-gram frequency data—to minimize the distance a finger travels while texting and to maximize speed.

Also, with fewer keys, compared to a regular keyboard, MessagEase keys are 3.5 times larger. These larger keys make your texting much more accurate.

MessagEase's design and principles are detailed in a paper published in proceedings of the International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces, ICMI.

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Our World Speed Record

MessagEase is the world record holder of texting speed! Our current champion Buboy has typed the 160-character phrase, designated by Guinness World Record™ in 19.09 Seconds, the fastest WITHOUT USING A DICTIONARY!

Other QWERTY-based keyboards have tried to better this, but they all rely on guessing the words entered using a dictionary. This is clearly against Guinness World Record™ Rules.

MessagEase is the only WYTIWYG keyboard that has achieved the speed of 100 WPM with the Guinness World Record™ test.

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MessagEase on Smartwatches .
A short introduction to MessagEase's basic principles.
Meet Cheng Wei Chang, one of the top record holders of MessagEase texting speed context, at nearly 100 WPM

Click on the map to see the name, picture and texting speed of our champs throughout the world!

MessagEase is available for free for Android and iOS.
Our Windows implementation is also available here, under Downloads.