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MessagEase is the world's most innovative touch screen keyboard, revolutionizing text entry on smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, in-car tech, wearables, etc. It's the smartest keyboard for where the QWERTY keyboard is inefficient. More...

MessagEase essentially has 9 large keys with an ingenious letter assignment that is designed to maximize your speed and to ease your writing. It may take you a few minutes to learn this new way of writing. But you'll save hours by texting and writing faster.

Also available for free is MessagEase Game. It enables you to learn MessagEase's keyboard in a fun and entertaining way

Download MessagEase, play with MessagEase Game, and see your input speed and accuracy soar! Post your high score!

Proudly announcing our world record: Our current champion Buboy has typed the 160-character phrase, designated by Guinness World Record in 19.09 Seconds, shattering the current Guiness record, WITHOUT USING A DICTIONARY!

Our World Record Game is ongoing, but in this video Change Wei displays the use of MessagEase, setting a record of 23.84 seconds, on video. Cheng Wei's best record is 19.24 set in 2014.

Our Champion's 19.09 is equivalent to 100 Words Per Minute! This is also a world Record!


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