MessagEase Applies to:

AR/VR Text Entry

A big challenge for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Samsung's Gear, is full text entry. Because AR/VR provide both mobility and immersion, hand-held controllers and gaze detection are tedious and slow, and using voice for text entry has severe limitations, such as ambient noise, privacy, and obtrusiveness in a shared environment. There is a need for efficient and non-fatiguing text input for use in VR, since in these environments QWERTY keyboards are cumbersome and inefficient to use.

MessagEase provides the ideal texting technology for both AR and VR!

It provides an optimized and resizable keyboard, with fewer, larger keys, that when necessary is overlayed in front of the user, or generated at crucial places in the virtual environment for fast, full text entry.

Our users data indicates that after a short training session (of about an hour) a virtual touchscreen MessagEase keyboard can provide a functional text entry speed of at least 15 WPM. Our data also show that after a few days of consistent use, the user's text entry speed increases to more than 30 WPM.

MessagEase is the smart choice for full text entry for AR/VR.


Using a smartwatch, you can avoid bringing your smartphone out of your pocket to check your emails and text messages.

But can you respond to those messages?

You can always call or say your messages out loud. But what if you are around others and you don't want them to know what you are texting? Since Apple Watch does not have a keyboard, your responses are limited to what you can compose in advance.

Or you can play pictionary! :)

With MessagEase you can answer exactly, spontaneously, and as you wish each time. Others don't have to know what you are texting.

With fewer, larger keys, MessagEase is designed for small screens such as a screen of a smartwatch. You enter ALL characters, quickly, and accurately.

MessagEase is the smart choice for touch screen devices.


What do all the advanced cell phones have in common? They all sport a touch screen display now!

In just a few years, the QWERTY keyboard has been squeezed into an increasingly small screen area, yet the size of the human's finger has remained the same!

Even with many exotic disambiguation and look-ahead technologies, the QWERTY keyboard carries the unenviable legacy of mechanical typewriter and letter assignments that have nothing to do with today's modern computing devices.

MessagEase is a perfect fit for text entry on small touch screen devices, especially the ubiquitous, mobile or cell phone platform. With it, you can enter any letter or character quite easily, either with a single tap or drag. You no longer need to keep an agile eye on the screen to see if the letter you intended actually shows up! Bigger keys means less error and faster input.


On Tablets MessagEase has a distinct advantage over the QWERTY keyboard: it uses a much smaller area of your screen.

also, since MessagEase optimizes your finger movement, your do not have to go back and forth on the keyboard. All your letters are just one or two keys away. You can change the size of your keyboard, or move it on the screen to fit your need.

MessagEase provides an accurate, and comfortable touch writing experience.

Internet TV

As TV sets connect to the Internet, the need for an easy user interface for interacting with TV programs becomes more pronounced. Various interactive TV applications like gaming, polling and program selection will become more text-entry dependent. Furthermore if TVs are used as Internet gateways, their text entry need expands even more.

Currently there are only two options available on limited interactive TVs: 1) Put down your handy remote controller and grab a full QWERTY keyboard, or 2) use a scroll-and-pick system to select a letter at a time. Neither option facilitates the use of interactive TV for the average consumer.

MessagEase provides a very convenient alternative. You can use a MessagEase-equipped remote controller to enter text, using only the numerical pad existing on the remote, without adding anymore buttons or any extra hardware.

Car Navigation Systems

You're in a hurry to get somewhere, yet you need to enter the address of your destination into your car navigation system to get there? How do you like to fiddle around with a one handed QWERTY, or worse, a scan-and-pick keyboard?

MessagEase provides the ideal solution for a one-handed, one-finger text entry on a very small screen area. It is specifically designed and optimized for this very problem.

With it, you can enter names, addresses, zip codes, URLs, email addresses, command and control keys, all with tapping or sliding of a single finger.

Smart Cards

Since MessagEase requires very few buttons to operate, its keyboard can easily fit on a smart credit card, leaving room to spare for the display and other information. With the advent of wireless technologic and using an auxiliary power source, soon you'll be able to use your credit card for sending and receiving messages.

MessagEase provides the perfect solution for the user interface on a very small area, such as a credit card surface.