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MessagEase Game

MessagEase's Windows and iPhone versions include MessagEase Game, a graduated, fun, and entertaining way of learning MessagEase's keyboard.

For Android, MessagEase Game is a separate free application. Similar to iPhone's game, MessagEase game for Android enables you to post your high scores to MessagEase's leaderboard.

MessagEase Game has levels corresponding to different groups of letters on the keyboard. Level 1 focuses on the most frequent letters, or the tap letters: A N I H O R T E S. At each level more letters or characters are added, until you reach level 5, where full sentences with punctuations are used.

After you play through these five levels, you will enter full text much faster and much easier with MessagEase than you did with any regular on screen keyboard.

Level 5 is also the championship level. At this level you can post your high scores to our leaderboard, to compare and compete with other MessagEase players. and faster input.

Compete and Set the World Record!

Currently, MessagEase Game for Android includes three games:

  • Balloon Game: balloons with letters drop from the sky and you type them before they hit the bottom and explode;
  • Word Game: Parachuttes with words on them drop from the sky and you type them before they hit the bottom and explode;
  • Speed Game: random words or sentences appear and you have 60 seconds to type as many as you can;
  • World Game: you type a pre-set sentence or phrase as fast as you can.

You can use these three games to hone your MessagEase skill and compete with others.

You can post your Level-5 high score of each game to our leaderboard, as often as you wish. Be the king of the hill, the fastest finger of the day, or vie for the all-time-high record.

Why are our records superior?

Please note that our top champion's record, which is 17.15 seconds for the official text of Guinness World Record™ is equivalent to 111.95 words per minute (17.15(seconds) * 160 (chars) / 5 (chars per word) * 60 (seconds per minute) to make it Words Per Second), is far superior to the records published by Guinness World Record™.

According to Guinness World Record™ in setting this category's record no dictionary-based assistance or correction is allowed. However, their current record is set using a keyboard with a dictionary-based recognition and correction at its core.

Consider the official text used by Guinness World Record™

"The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."

How were the Guinness People Duped?

It is curious that Swype, one of the keyboards used, can easily recognize any scribble close to "Serrasalmus" or "Pygocentrus," two rather esoteric words that do not even appear in Microsoft Word's word list but are part of the test. But at the same time we could not get the same keyboard to recognize the word "characidae." (According to Wikipedia, Pygocentrus is a genus of the piranha family characidae.)

In our tests, no matter how carefully we scribbled Swype never recognized the word "characidae;" we got "Statehouse" every time!

As another test, we switched the language of Swype to French, and then none of those words were recognized!

The record established more recently by another QWERTY-based keyboard, Fleksy, is similarly rigged! We tried to input the word "Serrasalmidae" which is not part of the Guinness text, but as valid a word as "Serrasalmus," which appears in the text. Had Guinness Judges performed this simple test, they would be surprised to see that "Serrasalmidae" is consistently "corrected" to "Serrasalmus at"! In other words, Fleksy is tuned to correct anything close to Serrasalmus as Serrasalmus!

Why would Serrasalmus be recognized and Serrasalmidae wouldn't? It seems that in this case the Gunness Judges were duped!

More Crafty slight of hand!

Unfortunately, it seems that the judges at Guinness World Record™ were not sophisticated enough to realize that the each keyboard was pre-inserted and tuned with the difficult words of their test, the keyboard developers skirted around GWR's stated rules and relied on a dictionary.

Given that leeway, we could tune MessagEase to recognize the first twenty letters of the test text, "The razor-toothed pi" and enter the rest of the 140-character automatically.

But we thought that would be dishonest!

MessagEase is purely WYTIWYG. It does not alter your words based on a dictionary, and what you type is what you get. With it you do not suffer from the whims of the auto correction.

Therefore, without any cheating, our users are able to type at a record of 111.95 Words per Minute! We call this a world record in the on-screen keyboard, dictionary-uncorrupted category!